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Premises Liability
After all, when someone or some business opens their doors to you, we all expect that they have made it safe for you to step inside. That expectation is a reasonable one, and Florida law protects it.
Ruiz Law wants to help those who have been unfairly injured by someone else’s hazardous premises conditions. 
If you have suffered an injury while visiting someone else’s premises — whether it’s a public, private, or commercial party — Call Ruiz Law today to schedule a consultation - (904) 625-7512
Premises liability is an area of personal injury law that focuses on a property owner’s duty to maintain safe conditions and reduce risks of harm.
Accidents can happen anywhere, but it is especially disheartening when an accident happens in a place we all trust — a shopping mall, your local grocery store, the apartment or hotel room we rent, or any other business with a sterling reputation.