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Choosing the right attorney is an important process

​​​​​U.S. Immigration laws can be very complicated.  You want to find a firm with knowledgeable immigration attorneys that value your goals and understand the importance of providing high quality service.  Here, at Ruiz Law, each client is treated with respect, courtesy and honesty.   Regardless of whether you are located in Miami or Los Angeles, we serve all 50 states. We work hard to get the best results for our clients.  Call our Jacksonville, Florida office today to schedule a consultation.





We understand the importance of family. No one wants to be separated from their loved ones. The attorneys at Ruiz Law help prevent or minimize separation of families. We assist families with petitions filed by U.S. Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents for their qualifying family members here and abroad.  
If you are interested in citizenship and naturalization or have a loved one pursuing the dream of becoming a U.S. citizen, you need comprehensive and up-to-date legal guidance from a skilled immigration attorney. The laws surrounding citizenship and naturalization can be complicated and time-consuming. At Ruiz Law, the attorneys can explain the process and guide you toward becoming an American citizen.
Adjustment of status is a procedure that allows eligible individuals who were born outside of the U.S., but who are currently living in the U.S., to stay in the country and become a lawful permanent resident. There are a number of advantages to living and staying in the United States during the green card application process. We assist those who are eligible for adjustment to do so accurately and efficiently.




We represent clients in all phases of the hiring and transfer of foreign nationals to the United States. We also represent individuals, who, because of their extraordinary ability in their fields or because of their substantial investments in the United States, do not require corporate sponsorship to immigrate.
The deportation process can be extremely difficult, emotionally complex and frustrating. With the assistance of experienced and committed immigration attorneys from Ruiz Law, you can equip yourself or your family member with the support and aggressive advocacy of a proven deportation defense legal t
Here at Ruiz Law, we passionately fight for the rights of immigrant victims. We assist our clients in seeking protection under U.S. law.  The attorneys at Ruiz Law can help with asylum, withholding of removal, convention against torture claims, as well as visas for victims of crime and human trafficking.  Contact us today. 
Complexities of U.S. Immigration Law
Everyone that works at the Ruiz Law Firm, from the attorneys to the front desk assistant, have a strong passion for immigration.  Most of the staff has had personal experiences with the complex U.S. Immigration system.  We realize that the legal world of Immigration is not easily navigable for someone who is not legally trained in this field.  Immigration laws are constantly changing and the criteria and documentation required by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) can be daunting.  Ruiz Law is here to save you from the time and headaches that can result from attempting to go at it alone.  Even applying for U.S. Citizenship, which many mistakenly believe it to be a simple process, can be rather complicated.  For those in that position, we suggest that you call our office and schedule a consultation with one of the attorneys on staff.  We can guide you, determine whether you truly qualify for Citizenship and even what your plan should be if you do not qualify at this time.  We can save you the time and trouble of looking for these complex answers with a simple consultation.  
U.S. immigration law is federal law. This means that you are not limited to choosing an attorney that is located in your state. Today’s technology allows us to represent clients that are located anywhere in the U.S. Long distance representation is common in U.S. immigration courts.  We conduct consultations and communicate with our clients in person, by telephone, e-mail, or through video chat services.  We understand that your case is important and we will give your case all the attention it deserves. ​

Call today to schedule your consultation so that we may begin working on your case as soon as possible. We look forward to speaking with you.