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Car Accidents

So you were in a car accident, what now?

When you leave in the morning, you never know if you will be in an accident that day.  But if you or your loved one is in an accident, it is good to know that there is a law firm that you can depend on to be on your side. 

The fact of the matter is that accidents do happen.  According to the National Center for Health Statistics, there were over 37 million injury-related visits to the emergency room in the United States in 2012.  While most of us try to be safe in everything we do, there is still a wide array of unsafe situations that we encounter on a daily basis.  Things such as wet floors, distracted or negligent drivers, or even businesses with unsafe conditions are just a few examples of what we may encounter in our daily lives.  Many people after an accident are often confused and unsure about their options. 

That is why having a competent, caring legal team is crucial during these difficult times.  At Ruiz Law we treat every single client how we would want to be treated.  We understand that the aftermath that precedes an accident can be terribly difficult.  We do our best to hold your hand every step of the way while fighting to get you the best possible outcome in your case.  Our firm’s commitment to your case allows you to stop worrying about your case and concentrate on the more important things in life.

Car accidents can be one of the most traumatizing events in a person's life.  It is important to know exactly how to proceed after an accident. Often times the decisions that are made immediately following an accident can determine the outcome of your case. 


Big Law Firms vs. Small Law Firms

Many giant law firms take the quantity versus quality approach.  They also tend to take an assembly line approach to your case.  They’ll have many individuals working on each case, often times leaving you confused as to who you should contact for updates. Unfortunately,  people become just a number to them.  At Ruiz Law you will always have one paralegal and one attorney as your points of contact for the entire duration of your case.